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Monday, December 31, 2012

U.E. Update: A Message from the Boss "2012 is Wrap"

2012 has been a very productive year of the increase of the brand of Urban Entertainment, and The Urban Experience Mix Show.

We have had many guest on the show, we started the show with various co hosts and end the show with the sidekick crew consistently holding down #teamue Kmitch 305 and Taelar Made . Also shout out to team assistant producer/social tweeter Jazzy aka Fluffy.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who look forward to the new updates, listen in to the show, follow u.e. on twitter , twitter.com/theuemixshow.

Look forward to giveaways and contests in 2013, also u.e app along with merchandise reppin' the brand #teamue.

In case you missed the 2012 wrap up show, here is a quick run down of 2012:
Beyonce became a mama, Don Conlious killed himself on the first day of black history month, we lost legend icons like Whitney Houston and Donna Summer. Chris Brown player status went up to 1000 for being in a very open threesome relationship but we wont judge him, per his request of "please dont judge me", Nicki and Mariah got beef on American Idol. 2012 year of the ratchett, from reality shows like love and hip hop atl to songs like Juicy J Bands makes her dance and 2 chainz wanting a big booty girl for his birthday. Some good reality shows like R&B Divas, Family Hustle. Can't forget about the election and proud to say Obama will be sworn in next year (2013) for 4 more years!!! Gabby did her thing in the Olympics this year 16 years old young and gettin it like Meek and Kirko. Shout out to the legalization of weed to the Washington and Colorado folk. Kendrick Lamar held it down for hip hop this year putting on for the west coast, while in music Atl did their thing too by shining on the charts too, 2 Chainz, Future, Jeezy, Tip, the list could go on. People were eating people faces, and poppin mollies seem to be the cool thing to do in 2012. Sad year for all the shootings in schools and movie theaters. This year seem like it was okay for white people to kill innocent black young boys for either wearing hoodies and having skittles & ice t, or playing their music too loud. This year having sex with animals, lil boys was crazy, and the little boys now grown me put the men who had sexually assaulted them on blast. Gas prices was crazy high this year too. Also 2012, was the year to be metrosexual wearing skirts, tight as pink shirts, and megglings seem to be the in and cool for straight dudes too do ask Kanye, Asap Rocky, Lil Wayne, just to name a few. A lot of people came out the closet like Frank Ocean let us know he's thinking bout dudes and girls, let Anderson Cooper felt comfortable to let us know hey I got me a dude too. Speaking of closets R.Kelly put out more chapters of "Trapped in the Closet" series which put everyone business out there, and lead them to a TV show "out the closet", the saga continues in 2013. Steve Harvey exposes how men think to the ladies to let us know in love ladies you got to act like a lady but think like man. Kim and Kanye got together this year, and now she's bout to have his baby, so will Ye put a ring on that before the baby comes???I guess we'll see in 2013. Alicia Keys was a girl on fire this year, tennis shoes, apps for kids, new album, and a mama. Katt Williams holds it down for the bi polar folk and was proof why Marijuana must be legal because when you don't have it what happens to those type of people, fighting folks in Target, attacking audience members, getting on camera in tears, then say you not retire smh. No more Terrence and Rocsi on 106 and park this year but with the replacements BET were better off keeping T and R, but Terrence has moved on to bigger checks, Entertainment Tonite, and Rosi well.... Yeah let's see if 106 and park lasts in 2013. Lil wayne let us know after Carter V, he's definitely going to focus on skateboarding, no more copyright infringements for him i guess. Sparkle came out this year, the last movie Whitney Houston played in. D Jango Unchained hit Xmas Day, which was def going to be a sensitive subject because it touches on the history of slavery. Can we not forget bout Drake and Chris Brown "fight", 50 and Mayweather beef, then the moment that we can't forget is when 2 pac literally came back, it was more than a Song Meek Mill put out, but he appeared at Cochella this year in the hologram got other folks wanna bring legends back too. 2012 was big in R&B music too, I mention Alicia Keys, Mel Fiona did her thing, Miguel got his "Prince" on with Adorn was a really big record this year.  Kelly Rowland let us know when her man come thru she feeling so nice like ICE. One day she's going to let Samore on set so she can get meet her F.B.D. damn she have some fine ass men in her videos, I just wanna know where they at. Like Future, I mention him earlier but he let us know he like doing things at the same damn time , he was looking for her, and then he neva wanted it to end. I cant forget about young dude Chief Keef not everybody say what they dont like and be winning, now that the album drop he let us know what he loves so so lol. I could go on for days on things that happen or came up this year, to the announcement of the new richest black woman in the world, some chick in Africa that got Oprah by 200 million. And that there are only 6 black billionaires in the world and Oprah is the only American the rest are from Africa. But I'm going to end it....

Boss of the year i will agree with GQ magazine and give it to Rick Ross, MMG, did the damn thing this year from beginning to the end. The roster is crazy Meek, Wale, Stalley, Him, signing Omarion, and then GunPlay his artist holding MMG down on the street level! So shout out to Rosay in 2012....

2012 Rewind from Sweet Addictions Tv, funny as hell, if you don't know about Sweet Addictions TV you should subscribe now and follow on twitter because the big sista Candy bout to be on her blow up ness in 2013....www.twitter.com/sweetaddictions , 2012 she was on Worldstar with her Joseline parody funny as hell, check out 2012 rewind video:

 subscribe: www.youtube.com/sweetaddictions

And that's just touching the surface of 2012, it was a hell of 365 days this year, I don't even remember if it was a leap year this year, but so much to look forward to in 2013. Keep rocking, supporting, and because I live, breathe, eat, sleep this so you know it's real.

The boss, ceo, founder of this right here,

dj/show host/show executive/head boss lady