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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urban Update: Oprah, Trayvon Martin, Cissy Houston, and more

Cissy Houston exclusive interview

The Coonry of the Mary J Blige Video:

I would comment on this video but Brian Bee from Youtube gives the ultimate review of the commerical, he goes in and will have you laughin'

Check out Brian Bee Blog: http://brianbeez.wordpress.com/

Lionel Richie goes Country, with new album....

New TV Serious from Nick Cannon, The Ncrediable Health Hustle.....

is anybody going to watch this show??? I guess they had to do something with the footage, why not make money off it right?

Trayvon Martin Update:
His cousin is on Nancy Grace, and say YES that was TRAYVON screaming help

The experts even say it indeed was Trayvon voice.

Tom Owen, forensic consultant for Owen Forensic Services LLC and chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, used voice identification software to rule out Zimmerman. Another expert contacted by the Sentinel, utilizing different techniques, came to the same conclusion.

“As a result of that, you can say with reasonable scientific certainty that it’s not Zimmerman,” Owen says, stressing that he cannot confirm the voice as Trayvon’s, because he didn’t have a sample of the teen’s voice to compare.


Oprah on OWN Network it was a little mistake...

Monday, April 2, 2012


Here is the official trailer for the movie that hits theaters August 17th. I was nervous that it would mess up the original, but in this case just from trailer looks like it just might be better and give it a 2012 look.