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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Mix Alert: For The Lovers Only

DJ Reggie Dee is adding blendmaster to his name;  mixing remixing classic records into a dope new type of record. This one "For the Lovers Only" ; caters to the R&B lovers, got a boo or nah or trying to get a boo... Download this mix , and play it in the background see what happens...

New Music Alert: @TejaiMoore "I.A.C.T.L.Y."

New Music:

Tejai Moore feat Omega R.  produced by The Keyz

Follow Tejai Moore on all social media's @tejaimoore and online @ www.tejaimoore.com

Monday, January 2, 2017

U.E. Artist Spotlight: Boy Billionare "Jugg" Hot Boy Remix ft Turk

Check out new record from indie artist Boy Billionaire feat Hot Boy Turk “Jugg”. There’s a video coming soon. 2017 we hitting juggs, what you know about it? Check out this hot new record.

Follow and Connect with Boy Billionaire:

Twitter @boybillionaire1

Instagram @BillionaireJeans

Youtube Click Here

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Episode : DJ Samore Countdown on the @innovativeblackstation with @whoisjwright and the TSC crew

Have you seen Episode 3 of DJ Samore Countdown show ? DJ Samore countdowns her top 16 records of 2016 ... She kicks it off with special guest co host J Wright, Major Majah , and Shawnron G...

Check the innovative black station every Thursday for the new episode...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Episode 2 of DJ Samore Top 5 w/ @kingjamesworthy on @innovativeblackstation

Check out Episode 2 ... DJ Samore countdown her top 5 records , poppin' in 4th quarter 2016, with James Worthy super producer via Innovative Black Station. This week spotlighting James Worthy latest record dropped he produced from Kia Shine and Tumboi Kinfolk , and Taylor Girlz hot new record, that is making waves with the steal her man challenge called "Steal Her man".

stay tuned to Episode 3 counting down the Top 16 records of 2016 ... exclusively at InnovativeBlackstation.com


Twista wanna get next to you, with that classic sample from Rose Royce and the 2016 Rnb Twist from Jeremih

If you think Lloyd is not back, then you are clearly sleep Rnb is warming up for 1st quarter ... check out this new song from that curly headed black boy , love this song Dec 9th look out for the "Tru Ep" dropping.

New Show Alert: DJ Samore Top 5 Countdown Episode 1

DJ Samore is trying some new things and coming over to the visual side of things.... we wanna bring the video countdown show back.... Her and Innovative Black Station got together and each week produce a visual web series called "DJ Samore Top 5" , the top 5 record on urban radio charts, poppin' at the clubs, events, and streets, and that next record you need to know about....

Plug in each week to the Innovative Black Station online @ www.innovativeblackstation.com for the latest episode.

Episode 1 (Before Thanksgiving 2016)

for interviews, artist spotlight inquiries email urbanentradio@gmail.com.

Monday, November 28, 2016

New Music: Queen Pharao 'How I Became Queen' EP

Orlando-based female rapper Queen Pharao released her first EP How I Became Queen. The overall message; That it's okay for women to act like a lady and think like a man all while keeping her crown intact. Giving you raunchy but classy vibes, the five track EP gives listeners a little taste of what has yet to come. 

"Consider it as an Appetizer, Because 2017 we will be Serving you ROYALS with the Entre #QueenPharaoMovement."

                                              Meet the Queen

 Seriously who am I? Since I was a child I've always had these crazy wild dreams and images of myself inside of my head. Throughout my childhood I used to get picked on for being very different and showing that I was. It was like I always had her, but didn't know who she even was, or maybe because I didn't know how to address her. Maybe I wasn't ready. Queen Pharao is everything I wanted to be when I grown up. Queen Pharao is beautiful, brave, outspoken, confident, charming. She is the little light inside of me that burst into the Sun. Queen Pharao is my hero, she saved me from a lot.  I had to learn my worth with her before I could have her. Now she's my reassurance before I make any decisions I think of her. I Queen Pharao is the answer.  

Stay Connected with The Queen herself!

Promotion Page: Instagram.com/trio3vision

Snapchat: QueenPharao

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Music Alert: @Tricityboy #pounds #everybody x @TrillionIsMoney 11:11 #themixtape

New Music from Tri City Boys "Black Spade Goon Entertainment"


TrillionIsMoney - 11:11  (The Mixtape)