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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Urban Update: Urban Spotlight Jigg with 8and9 Clothing

I had to spotlight the brotha Jigg feature with 8 and 9 Clothing, he is speaking some real stuff.

8and9 Clothing takes an in depth look at Miami based artist, Jigg and his work ehtics. Follow both Jigg and 8and9 as they ride around Miami and discuss music and fashion.

The Smash Single "So Hot" Rocking on your Radio 2012

 Aside from the spotlight...here is some funny racist that happen ONLY in miami

Urban Update: New Movies 2012, Michael Ealy and Obama Magazine Covers, Erykah Badu Naked, and More

Jamie Foxx New Movie “Django Unchained” in theaters Christmas 2012 

 Denzel in "Flight" hitting theaters Nov 2nd  

 Erykah Badu is hella comfortable in her birthday suit, and has no problem showing it off, she should get with Brian Mcknight and Youporn.com to do some business. Check out the racy video released this week.

 I want to know what the hell she is playing in or rubbing all on her face and stuff at the end, I know that is not seaman because that's just nasty. Getting naked at the end of the video is one thing, but the whole damn video showing off all your GOODIES just "SHOWING AND TELLING" that's a bad bitch right there "You Go Girl"!!!!! 

 The FBD Michael Ealy say's he's looking for love, no more industry chicks and looking hella good on the cover of the new upscale magazine.

 Check out President Obama on the cover of Essence July 2012 Cover 

  Julissa and Adrienne are getting their own show on The Style Network, following them on how they are going to break into this industry as two latin sistahs....
Check out a clip from the show:  
 airs on Style Network, Sundays at 9pm est.

 Kanye West and Good Music "Mercy" Music Video:
it's soooo yeeeezy futuristic stylish.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Urban Spotlight of the WEek: Makiin ft SOmong xoxo

Urban Spotlight this week goes to a female mc Makiin coming up, from Palm Beach, Fl featuring SoMong he's work with a lot of major artist most recently he was worked with JaRule on his project before he went to that "gated community". Anyway the song is hella nice and the visual to the record just makes the song even more official like. At the end of the day, you gotta have someone that is gonna hustle with you...I'm just sayin!!!!

 Check out the official video "xOxO" Makinn ft SOmong

 Shout out to Makiin and SoMong, hot song hot song!!!!!

 Follow @MaKiiNMelOdiieZ and @SoMong on twitter

Look out for the new mixtape from DJ Samore June 16th, it's called "I'm Back Bitch" wanna get a spot on it, you must get at djsamore@mybeat945.com by JUNE 8TH, for vol. 1 of "I'm Back Bitch" if you want to get on the "I'm Back" vol. 1, then put "I'm Back" in the subject line.

LADIES it's that time of the year again, The Ladies Edition hosted by DJ Samore ....let the submissions begin email djsamore@mybeat945.com with "Ladies Edition" in the subject line.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Urban Update: Robin Thicke Shoop, Breezy's Sweet Love, and My Jam of the Week

Robin Thicke Official Video to Shoop Shoop, remake from Whitney Houston version from the Waiting to Exhale Movie

  Chris Brown - Sweet Love

"Baby let's get naked, so we can make sweet love" damn it's like that breezy, I mean you know, that boy Breezy know he can sing and dance...ladies the end of the video when he does his freaky boy dance......

 My Jam of the Week.... Ledisi - Bravo

When you are feeling down, this record will most definitely pick you up and make you feel really good. Shout out to Ledisi on this record. She is doing a lot of big things lately her book, "Better than Alright", and she will be performing in her hometown New Orleans at the Essense Festival.

Urban Update: BBW Not Cancel, Mariah Carery Sis Wanna Reconnect, and More

Tami on Wendy Williams talks about the BBW new season, also how she is definitely going to act a whole lotta better this next season.


 Mariah Carey older sister Allison is trying to reconnect for some sister type of love, last year, Mariah heard that Allison been making $250/hr as an adult escort, contracting hiv, on drugs, she's been clean for 4 months and working as a housekeeper....
My only thing is this the sister that grew up on the black side of the family? Allison said she wants to help to be a great auntie to the twins. Will Mariah reconnect with her sister?

Brian McKnight making sex songs again,Brian Mcknight you do not have to make songs on how that (you know what) works; however, this porn company heard the song, and got him to do the theme song for their website...Really Brian...I guess at the end of the day it's still a check right?

Check out the theme song...

 This weeks "We Need To Do Better Award" goes to the eating mudda suckin people, like really, tget they are really eating digesting people eyes, noses, hearts, brain....The world is really bout to come to the end...I'm need them to get off that bait salt lcd whatever the hell they be on that make them feel like they want to eat another person smh....

nominate someone, or something that we as a people need to do better as a whole, send email to theueshow@gmail.com

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