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Monday, August 6, 2012

Urban Update: What the hell is Going On???? Lloyd & Future Turn on the Lights, K.L. , Rasta Snoop, Keyshia No Love

Let's Play Catch Up First.... Have you seen it? Future "Turn on the Lights" Official Video

 K.L. aka Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pool

 Snoop Dogg has died and reincarnated as Snoop Lion. Snoop's new music he's gon rasta man.

He say's Rap music is not full filling him anymore, he's converted to Rastafarian says he believe he's always been that deep down in the car. A lot of people say Snoop is on some other ish higher/powerful than weed these days. I say it explains why he likes getting high so much.

Another new video is Keyshia Cole's "Enough No Love", she gets a little crazy with this one, but she's looking good. Go K.C., expect to hear from K.C. on the show this fall!

The F dat negro series on the ue show ends this week for the summer edition of The UE Show...and instead of making u wait here's a preview....

F Dat Negro Award goes to Bow Wow Pops, why do you put a open letter to your song on the internet really. Then you put a video up on youtube with you talking to him on the phone. Hell naw, even tho Bow Wow is on the donut list, I'm with him on F'in that negro, it's problem what makes him not be such a good dad to his own baby....

 Watch the video below and CLICK HERE to READ the whole letter.

 Sidenote: Bow can't lie and say it's not his pops, because damn he look just like him