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Sunday, August 29, 2010

urban entertainment......

What's good Fam!!!
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Fantasia Album Back to me in stores now!

Now matter what she has going on in her personal life it def makes up for it when she opens her mouth. A lot of people are like well Alicia Keys now Beats did the same thing and it's okay for her, but Fantasia is the hooka, both are wrong and both have the opportunity of it being done to them. That's just real, now both cases are different, different circumstances took place, so if u don't no the facts then you should not talk about what you don't know and I'm going to leave it as that!

Usher Verses in stores too...it's suppose to be a special edition ep of the Raymond vs Raymond

Takers in theaters now!!!

Speaking of Takers....while Breezy n Idris was on 106 and park promoting the movie...and when i saw Breezy i was like wth is he wearing....

chris brown and his shawts ...what the helll??? #imjustsayin

Lauryn Hill is back!!! - Check out clips from the Rock the Bells out in Cali

ex factor

to zion

all i gotta say is thank god it has been long enough! took her over a decade to get it back! so you know the album gotta be coming!!!

Hey she love her some ball players, I guess she gonna try football this time...but come on now we all knew ochocinco was not serious with that show...cuz who all has an of love show and really get with the chick or dude they pick??? I'm just sayin, well maybe if i have one i would depends on the prospects that come out, and I'm just sayin!
They do seem happy tho! 

Now this chick she just found out she had HIV and now she is going to jail for infecting her boyfriend, she's some famous singer over there, well we gon say overseas...damn they should do that over here, but from what i know she didnt even know she had it tho....

She wanna be called Chippy D professionally... help Kim Kardashian is her idol.
and what daddy had to say....he's not speaking to her until she get her life together...but i wanna know what do you think of a person who goal is to become an adult entertainment star? 

Micheal Jackson game on the shelf by November! 

My Mic Sounds Nice: The Female MC - special on BET this monday be sure to tune in! 

Who would know getting raped in the projects would make u a star? wow! that's all i can say! run in tell that we gon find u...come to think of it u think they founded the person and really got him, I'm just sayin.

10 million hits on youtube and on itunes wow!!!! damn

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