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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urban Ent Update _ Rah Digga iz back, New Record from Rasheeda, Brutha Sings, and more

The Update on the Urban Entertainmentness....yes a sista has been hella busy promoting the release of Urban Entertainment Music Management Projects, DJ Samore Mixtape, and the radio show....but i'm back...and we hopefully after the weekend will have a true intern to come on board to help out!!! Yayyee Yayyee !!!!

talk about my mic sound nice -->>> rah digga is back

Then your girl Rasheeda his bringing Boss Bitch Music Vol. 2 here's the single:

Look out for boss chick 2010 reloaded hosted by Rasheeda with ya girl n dj beanz!!!

brutha singing...boy i tell ya it's nothing like them singing to you live, i remember that year at spring bling 2008 i believe or was it 09, but yeah

I don't know if it is just me but don't it seem like they singing straight to you...

Damn Papa is looking so sexy....let me run into him again..him i mean them, lloyd, and you already know Omarion.... yes it's going down

NOW ON WHAT EVERYBODY BEEN ON...THE OFFICIAL NUMBER 1 CELEBRITY RIDE AND DIE COUPLE..THEY RIDE TOGETHER DIE TOGETHER GET HIGH TOGETHER...I mean it's real talk though...and it wasnt marjuani what folks thought it was, it got changed to a controlled substance to "X" ecstasy ....his p.o.. is reviewing the situation to see how it's going to reflect his federal gun charges situation...when i heard it i was like damn TI damn TI, the new album is coming out and you gotta be gettin high and caught at that...then come to find out he was on that X....why why why that's all i gotta say!!!!

Photos from the arrest:

Matthew Knowles is still Beyonce's exclusive manager.... according to Beyonce responding to the rumors that her husband is now managing her..when i heard that i was like wth, but glad Matt still is the manager, because personal and business is two different things. What he's going through with her mother is totally different from the business side of the Beyonce's name brand that he's manage thru the years...

J - Lo gonna be officially on AI, IDK, but i know Snoop is like if they cut a big enough check he'll do the job too. And Monique giving us our 2000 version of the Arsenio Hall show...and Jamie Fox is bout to bring us the 2000 version of Living Single with "the foxhole project" .....

New albums on the way:
Lauryn Hill (indeed finally working on a follow up to miseducation, what the games been missin)

Kelly Price (and i was just listening to "As we Lay" the other day, don't ask y i was having a moment

Janet say she coming with another album....making preparations to drop it tres soon

Albums you got to get now:
Fantasia Back to Me (available now)
Versus the Usher EP is pretty good cop that one

Urban Movies on DVD

Why did I get married Too....i would say this is the best one i would have to say! TP definitely getting it in...He has that new movie that's long as hell For Colored Girls who committed Suicide or something like that coming out later this year and Madea's Big Happy Family to film next year....

until next time be good be bless and keep it tres urban, ya digg!!!!

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