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Monday, October 11, 2010

urban update: the update, pics, videos, and more ....

Okay this time got hella pic....

Check out ya boy posted nude on the cover of the mag...i mean wouldnt be my choice to see naked but you know, i'm just sayin!!!! But he does look rather atheletic doesn't he?dont look like he got much to cover tho..

Pics from Alicia Keys 2010 Black Ball...this year they raised 2.3 million dollars for AIDS medications and things like that for the Keep a child foundation! What they say so much is given and is much received or something like that....hey all i know my sista is def giving back and you can't hate on her for that!

 Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson

Alicia and Swizzzzy...both seem so happy my sista first baby and swiss what 10th or so..let me stop that's my family lol...but they do look so cute and happy!

Tell me why does Sada still look the same when i get her age, i mean can i get your secret auntie lol 


Usher yeah i know should have been your baby right lol, naw  im playing they like sis and bro! well after it didnt work out from my boo....love it! 

Jay Z and Bey was up in the spot too

Dang...Weight Watchers got me wanting to holler at them for some help, cuz boy did they help J-Hud out, i'm just sayin, you still my cuzo J-Hud! love ya!

Bishop i mean Eddie Long, although his pimpin dem teen boys his congregration stands behind him 100% even tho he used church money to pimp them out..
he must have them hella brainwashed 

picture of him and his wife on sunday....

and i guess this is when he was on his pimpin...

what straight man u know dress like this and poses like that smh....i'm not the one to judge but i'm just sayin....

Music Videos.....

Ciara - Speechless

First, I must say wth okay who has your speechless okay, are you talking to yourself. I mean who got you so speechless. Because if you tune in to the radio show, you know this is my ish, because u know, I'm thinking shes going to have a hella sexy dude in the video that's gonna have her speechless....i know one sexy dude dont cost that much u know...so yes when i seen it i was hella disappointed!

Lloyd - Lay it down behind the scenes

to be honest with ya really didnt pay too much to what lloyd "low fade still paid self the 1st time because he is so so so so so so sexy the hair omg, i mean really...i'm not on no groupie ish but damn he can lay it down anytime...and just know a sista was the first to work it on urban ent radio and especially had the fau boca raton campus on lay it down 1st, then you hear it down here....i hope he see this!!! big supporter of lloyd....on his grown man ish oooohhhh i love it!!!!

I was tryna to find the official video...if anyone come across it before i do please email the link to urbanentradio@gmail.com , lloyd people play too much teasing folk wit all dat sexiness.....okay anyway

(have a moment....okay I'm back)

Oh yea new dudes like they might be the new lil B2k guys...seen dem on dat show 106 and park one day...Mindless Behavior

Just watching the video, i'm like damn if the person who didn't put them together did not take the b2k model and recreate it, i don't know what else, they are 13 years old, from la, like omg...if the lil girls are as aggressive as we were over b2k...these lil guys could be on their way to that type of pandemonium. I just hope they don't end up like b2k did tho. Still got love for my #1 boo Omarion, still go love for boog and fizz and even raz b...but yea i hope these guys learn from B2k mistakes...check out their website http://www.mindlessbehavior.com .

Everytime - Youngin Da SP

look out for the free album I wanna be a rapper coming soon, also i like girls, ya boy does not discriminate ya digg....and the remix mixtape coming tres soon hosted by uh who would that be DJ Samore.....

Remember T. Plezya Business before Plezya right...look out for part 2 coming soon

Latest Mixtape from T. Plezya  One night on Jupiter 

For T. Plezya updates visit www.unforgettable-sex.blogspot.com

Look out for we gettin it in vol. 7 and boss chick 2010 reloaded digggg...a! i digg! 

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