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Saturday, November 6, 2010

urban update....kandi and ti new video, t. plezya's unforgettable sex, urban ent radio contests and more

What's up fam!!!! this weeks ustream thursday was crazzzzzy....git fresh is so the homies im just sayin shout out to sly, rude boi, and penny....all sexyness im just sayin...also Shout out to Youngin da SP making his debut on urban ent radio show...the new mixtape is coming i need a miracle....interview will be posted on youtube so check out the radio show to catch the interview on the replay...check out www.youngindasp.com and follow him at @youngindasp ya boy is waaaay bigger din takin the stage now....im just sayin #hometeam/urbanent legggggoooo

lil updates for ya......

kandi leave you brand new single ...

the single is on itunes and the album comes out dec 14th....now she's on tour with my cousin fantasia...hopefully we get ms. kandi on the show this month before thanksgiving....u know how urban ent radio show does it!!!!

ti and chris brown get back up

We forgive ya TI, just next time you get dont ride in cars with ex convicts, with drugs, while making illegal uturns...cuz we need the king uncaged for realz!!! No Mercy in stores Dec 7th!

T. Plezya Unforgettable Sex Promo on Itunes

If you already got it tell a friend and if you want him to perform that at your party your event email booktplezya(at)gmail(dot)com .

Check out lil shawty...willow smith 1st performance whip my hair on ellen show...

I would say shawty killed that! and they are def gonna make a lot of money off of her, if you ask me she remind of lil raven symone when she first came out doing her artist thing ....but shout out #teamwillow #iwhipmyhair leggooo

Shout to to Git Fresh coming through on the show this week...the ustream was crazy when they came up in there!!!! check out ustream thursday show here:

It's almost that time before Candy switch it up.....Here's a Sweet Solutions from Sweet Addictions Tv's Candy...

Got a question need some advice from Candy on Jus Ask Yo Question on urban ent radio show....email ur advice/questions to askyoquestion(at)gmail(dot)com .....

Next Week....

Urban Top 10, Urban music 101, Just Ask Yo Question, and interview possibly from legendary rap female group.... so until next time keep it urban ya diggggg

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