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Friday, March 11, 2011

urban update: omarion interview (old but he lets u know whats good) A #TEAMO #OMARYTEAM UPDATE

After i finsih watching the new Omarion, full version of the come and talk to me official video right, i came across an interesting interview with Omarion well two, so i was like i gotta post it, because this is one reason y i really love me some O, he keeps it tres 200 all the time, not just one stage, i would love to get him back on the show....a work in progress right now...

Check out this interview with Omarion:

Part One

part two bout past relationships

part three rumors behind b2k break up

part four

omarion talkin bout the ladies - he has a lot of female friends and so does i, something in common, just hold tight hun, we shall meet soon....

damn he on his grown man, i need dat asap...

In case you missed it....come and talk to me the full version:

this has been an official Team Omarion, Team Omary post.....follow Omari on twitter @1omarion