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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Urban Update Report: New Music Videos, Exclusive Clip Madea's Big Happy Family, The Braxtons, and Mo Urban News

Here is an Exclusive Clip from Tyler Perry's Madea Big Happy Family in Theaters Apr22nd

The latest check out the movie, the intro "Now You Know" - Jigg Official Video

JIGG "Now You Know" from DERICK G on Vimeo.

the mixtape comes out next wednesday 4/20, so watch out for high grade, you already know next week jigg will be in the bldg on the show, this time on time!!!!!

check him out at www.jigg305.com and follow him on twitter @jigg305

Check out the Skorpion Show on youtube, behind the scenes with the Braxton sisters...

def check out the show! on weTv, if you don't have digital cable then email justask2011@gmail.com, for a site where u will be able to watch the show....u know i got that urban hook up all day! but if you do have weTv, it comes on 9pm on Tuesdays.

Urban Music video premieres

Lil Twist New video "Love Affair"- hot mess, that is all i'm going to say. check it out here if you haven't seen it!

He says he can't keep his hands to his self , but it seems like the chicks in the video hands are all him, seems like it's the other away around, then Lil Wayne, plays the big bro cam, on the verse in the video...the video could have been better...

Check out Rick Ross Play your part video with Wale, Meek Mills, and DA

Rick Ross and Drake : Made Men (official video) - see Ross getting his Chair dance on

It could be just me, but kelly rowland dudes in her latest video still is my favorite video right now! but damn Ross went in on da "Made Men" with Drake, be locked in to www.musictoblow.com for dese music videos first!!!!!!

Well in other urban news,

Nicki Minaj is officially on tour with Brittany Spears, and she said remember no more collabs with no one in 2 years, but for Brittany she is willing to bend and do something with Brittany this year...so a Nicki and Brittany collab should be sicky sicky like....but my thing is Nicki and Brittany on tour that's like pop hip hop concert for sure right there...should be interesting

Talking about collabs, check out Chris brown and one of the jonas brothers, joe jonas, bout to get it in on the track

the key to saturated the market and guarentee radio play is to get on any and everyone record!!! because if it's hot every time you turn on the radio, radio stations, you will be on, and easier for your record to get added, i.e. urban music 101!

You got to love Nene she keeps it real, here's a clip from the apprentice they didn't show after the women team won, NeNe and Toya had lil words, NeNe say Toya is casper, and Toya say NeNe is a big bully and she used her height and mouth to try to intimated people, but if u watch the video you see she left the room all scurrred right, talking about Latoya that is....

So Keri Hilson is really putting her self out there, naked shoot just baring it all for allure here's the video, i'm sure the fellas will enjoy this one: oh yea she wasn't the only one naked smh....these one is definitely for the fellas

Bring it back contest for the summer is coming stay tuned to the radio show, be sure to click on the mixtapes on the side and get the latest from ya girl DJ Samore.

until next time be good and be bless and keep it soooooo urban!!!

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