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Monday, May 2, 2011

URBAN UPDATE 2 REPORT: Obama gets Trump, Jagged Edge new video, and more

obama and seth myers get on "the donald" - man if i was trump i wouldnt been embrassed as hell it was so damn true that had the whole crowd laughing....check it out if you haven't seen it

so keke wyatt is coming back so she remakes the song "Saturday Love" by Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal with Ruban....song sounds okay for the remake, good too see the both of them are coming back tho...

Not familiar with the original Saturday Love by Cherrelle ft Alexander O'Neal

Talk about video premiere's check out the official video of Jagged Edge's "Baby" Video:

send in your questions for j.e. , they will be on the show this month "justask2011@gmail.com"

Bin Ladan is dead! finally it took over 10 years to find him and kill him, now hopefully we can focus on some of these domestic issues in the u s of a now, like GAS PRICES, that's what i'm sayin!!!!

until next time keep it urban....and look out for more from urban entertainment and urban ent radio show