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Thursday, May 5, 2011

urban update report: pregnant pictures, obama brings in the numbers, folks locked up and more

It was like 56.5 million people watch the president speech annoucing the death of osama bin ladan

he is defintely in for another term....like it's official, but killing osama bin ladan in front of his daughter 12 years old was something else but he wasnt a reg man, he is a killer a man responsible for thousands of people lives gone! so damn right i'm glad they got that bastard!!!

So Tia Mowary Hardict takes her pregnancy photo...and yelp she goes naked too

they say this is common thing pregnant women do??? im just sayin why???

Check out halle and lil Nahla out getting some shopping done

Tell me is it just me or does Nahla look like she lil too big to be carrying her, i mean i'm just sayin, if she was mine her lil self would be walking holding my hand or in the basket or holding on to the basket, i mean i'm just sayin, she is such adorable tho.

In case you missed it, Nicki Minaj is def going pop now she's rapping but pop rap i see it, i must say she def rocked dancing with the stars...well i mean the stars that was dancing to her moment for life....

Look out for New Edition full reunion at the essense festival...they will be on stage together bobby, johnny, ralph, micheal, ricky, ronnie all of them on stage singing celebrating their 30th anniversary the first time the grouip has performed together with all members since 1996.

Lastly, look at cha boiiiiiiiiii Flavor Flav

tmz reports that Flav got locked up in vegas after a routine traffic violation that turned into an arrest on four outstanding warrants...damn flav . According to law enforcement, flav never settled up with the court in 4 separate car related matters including driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation, 2 cases driving without a license...damn flav...he was taken to a nearby jail, booked, posed for dis mug shot, and eventually released...

and speaking getting locked up , Keyshia Cole mama Frankie was stopped by "law enforcement" and check it out it was for a routine traffic violation and then found out she had warrants and was driving with "drug related substance" according to Tmz.com

Damn if u riding dirty can we obey the traffic laws, i'm just sayin...both released eventually but damn not a good look tho

Trey Songs says it's the singing....and talks about his female panties that are thrown on stage..he says he doesnt wash them and bras too.. so just make sure your panties are clean and smell fresh when u toss them up to him; check out the video:

that be ur urban report for now...be sure to follow and tune in to the radio show, checked the show schedule for station, time/day when the show is broadcasting.