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Monday, June 6, 2011

Urban Update: The Future Post

This update is dedicated to the up and coming, the youngins in the game.

First up, Master P daughter , def following in her brother footsteps, I take back what I said, because she is killin Willow Smith, willow is doing her thing but i think master p's cymphonique she def is underrated, promotion is key!

Check out cymphonique she nominated for bet best female rapper, but she sound more like a singer, but uh okay...she def is doing her thing, she should in youngster of the year tho!

she def should be killin willow, she is following in her sexy big brother romeo footsteps, damn romeo know he sexy, i'm just saying.

Lil P'nut official video (I can do that)

....he is doing his thing as well...he got to give it to him, lil shawty got swag

check out interview with lil p'nut, lil dude 7 years old

he killin some grown rappers now in the game, if he keep it up, he def gon be a problem if he ain't already....

Remember the OMG Girlz, baby carter (lil wayne daughter) well she's not in the group no more neither is the other younger girl, lolo, it's 3 of them now, check out most recent from the OMG girlz, if they get some promotions behind them too, they will be next to shine too

this is the latest from the OMG Girlz called "so official"

its a nice song, like this could be hit single, and it's just a single, but where are their people are the people behind them working, we'll see what happen when TI, gets out seems like everything stops over there at grand hustle when the ceo goes on vacation

Lastly these boyz Mindless Behavior are the next group, their people are working, and long as they keep them with their demo, and grow with their fans, they could be if not bigger like them boy they called B2K, New Edition, Jackson 5, etc...here is the remix video to their My Girl Video

they too are nominated for best group at the bet awards 2011, and viewers choice awards