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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

urban update: Top 11 Urban Moments...Weekly Hitz ... The New U.E. Show...and What's happenin'

The 11th Annual Bet Awards brung the urban top list out of retired me, and since it's the 11th annual wards...here is the top 11 moment of the bet awards 2011...urban ent radio/ya girl samore edition (in case you missed it on the show)

11- Straight Outta Rehab - Alexander O Neal & Charelle perform the ol' school Saturday Love

10- The Dress Code - Was this the ratchett awards; everyone showing their underwear

9- Rick Ross flashing everybody

8- 5 Heartbeats Reunion on stage

7- Kevin Heart- you are not a host, we barely seeing him doing his job

6- Trey to Trigga in 3 secs (just be a rapper Trey)

5- The Open this year (from last year Kanye on a rock to this year MJB 411 background, MJB, Anita Baker, and Khaled

4- A.K. standing on top of the piano & Cee lo in the patti ensemble cussing out the audience

3- The Real Husbands of Hollywood

2- The messyness of the Viewer's choice award (Chris Brown did win)

1- Kelly Rowland motivation performance - she was str8 pimpin them dudes on stage even tho it was hella janet inspired tho

The New U.E. Show...welcomes Kevon pronouced Kevin, right now he is not on no social networking sites...

The New U.E. Show will consist of a weekly countdown of the top urban joints, and new joints, with what's happening in urban entertainment tv, film, music entertainment...

Yes ya girl has been slippin..but your by DJ Deuce has not been check out the latest..
Weekly Hits Vol. 11
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Qwote has a new jam with Rick Ross, but remember the throw yo hands up with pit..check out the teaser video here:

oh yeah and lastly that hooka of a whore....Casey Anthony got off like a big dawg, killed that lil girl, her lil girl, and got off, yet there was no evidence..but 3 months you lie about you don't know where your daughter was...the hell at least even if you lie thats neglect she get's nothing....when i seen the verdict, i'm like this is oj simpson trial again, but u see what happen to OJ he got off the first time and for stealing his own stuff he gets 33 years...so she'll mess up again. but i can't believe that hooka is getting off like that.

okay i'm done...stand by for "da urban playlist vol. 7" and "da ladies edition hosted by Shanell"