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Friday, August 26, 2011

RIP to Aaliyah It's been 10 years!!!! and RIP to Ashford from Ashford N Simpson..and More

Aaliyah we still miss you sista!!!

what was your favorite aaliyah song??? let me know at theueshow(at)gmail(dot)com
one thing that i notice is that aaliyah

Ashford from Asford and Simpson, died at 70 from throat cancer
Check out Asford & Simpson in there big hit "solid as a rock"

Lauryn Hill speaks on the classic album ever in hop hop " the miseducation...":

so puffy got his white rapper mgk....and he really is a bad boy check out the distruba that happen in the mall

Another remix from DJ Deuce "Niggas in Paris" - it's all good til trey songz i mean trigga trey like who told this mane he could rap??? I'm need his no mane to tell him trey u aint trigga...i would prefer his wanna be r.kelly sounding self then this rapping im just sayin...because rapping i just cant take him serious....but the mix is nice tho...da homie dj deuce is getting it innnn