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Friday, September 16, 2011

urban update: Beyonce's 4 DVD, Bobbi Kristina sangin, and more....

The DVD coming from Beyonce, 4 promos to promote the release of the first concert that sold out in 55 secs...the dvd will include performance footage from her concerts last month in new york city...check out the promos for the disc here:

promo 1:


promo 3:

promo 4:

And you tell me Beyonce is not or at least on getting or achieving Micheal Jackson status, I don't care what you say!!!!! I will say it she is there.

If you haven't seen the tralier for Tyler Perry's New TV Show, For Better or Worse, the tv version of the movie "Why did I get Married".

Tyler Perry, according to forbes is the highest paid male in entertainment. You go boy. This might be a real winner for T.P., if you like the game, you might not want to miss this show.

well as you can see check out bobbi kristina she has gotten herself together; we know she could sing i mean sang remember who her mama and pops are. Check her out singing someone like you from adele: