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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Update: Da Ladies Edition, 16 year dies after Masturbating, The Game speaks up, and More

Da Urban Playlist: Ladies Edition Hosted by Shanell

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In Urban News

Do you remember on the ue show we discuss hiphopwired.com 's top 10 male singers SINGERS, who couldn't sing??? Well here is the actual link CLICK HERE

Who has heard of dying from masturbating? When you are addicted to it, it can happen. Like the boy from brazil, he was 16 years old and masturbated 42 times without stopping, his mom knew he had a problem and was going to get him help....I guess it wasn't quick enough; READ THE FULL STORY HERE

The Game album debut number one in the country opening week. He did an interview with Atlanta's Hot 107.9, talking about his view on Gays. Don't get Game wrong, he doesn't have a problem with Gay's. The Game says, be gay it's a free country, but don't act like you aren't gay and you are. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORE .

Do you see what Lil Wayne has created? Lil Duval is too crazy!

But lil Duval is right, a dude wearing these pants you got to be trying to lil like a girl.

But I guess it worked, even tho Carter 4 was leaked, he still did a million the first week. Lil Wayne did say if he die today he want to be remembered like John Lenon.

Speaking of Carter 4, check out another countdown from hiphopwired.com; the top 10 worst one liners from Carter 4 CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT