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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Urban Update: Keri Hilson Fan Gets Attacks 4 Just Wanting a Kiss, Draya on Wendy, J.Bieber Rappin' & More

Kandi want to work with Tyrese in the future....Check out a clip from What Happens Live that comes on Bravo this coming sunday:

Real Housewives of ATL season 4 comes out coming this sunday on Bravo

Chris Brown decides to dress up as green man for halloween

We know it's him because we already seen his penis...and that's his no.2 pencil there showin'

Draya on Wendy Williams; I can see why she got two more seasons, No hating on Wendy Williams, Just Respect Her! Draya talks about the basketball players she has "been with" and yes she did date Chris Brown after that hooka Rihanna. Check out the video if you haven't seen her on the show!

Keri Loves her Fans and Her Fans love Her, but you are not just going to come on stage and get you a kiss, Her Bodyguard people aren't going to have that [Watch Video]

Mike Epps talks about working with Whitney Houston, on the Sparkle Remake:

More Exclusives...Justin Beiber rapping to the otis beat..I have to say he does kill it ya'll.

Was it a real freestyle or did he write it??? All I know he got flow with it #imjustsayin

Boo Thang REmix [Rook City Version]

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