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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Urban Update: R.Kelly says Shut Up!, Lil Kim Ain't Sleep, and More!!!!!

R.Kelly the king of R&B is the only one that can make a song and it be a hit, and all he is saying is shut up! King of R&B forget what you hearrrrd! Check out the Audio Here

Listen Here:

The Braxton Family Values debuts tonite on WEtv at 9pm est....Check out Toni Braxton on Anderson Cooper's new show..She talks about playing in the snow aka dating white men in her life now:

Justin Beiber took the paternity test...we don't know the results yet but looking at the picture, could this be Beiber's Son

Check out Mariah after the twins....see what happens when you have money.....

She worked it all the way out to get back to work!

Lil Kim I thought she had given up but real talk, she been quiet in the studio working..check out the latest exclusive from www.musictoblow.com

Im not the one:

Conrad is gulity, and slapped the cuffs on him immediately...Check out what rebbie jackson had to say about it!

And it begins....check out Conrad Murruy I be killing these niggas Conrad Murruy

Exclusive from TI....She Will Remix

TI is back!!!! The king of the south is back, we missed him I think he knew it because he is killing it right now!!!!