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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Urban Update; Cement injected in Your Face; Melanie Amaro on xFactor, and MOre

This is what your face looks like when cement is injected into it

This is a 48 years trangender female who has come forward too says that the transgender doctor in Miami did this too her face. This is what she looked like after a mishap went wrong with a chin and a ballooning upper lip after Morris administered the back room beauty treatment. 

Damn that's what you get for being cheap...Come to find out this "Doctor" is quite popular in the transsexual community. She said she learned her lesson but damn you got to look like this now. DAMNNNNNN!!!!

Melanie Amaro performing on Xfactor; all I will say is I knew it from when she song Beyonce's "Listen". She is going to win, she has to win; like u get chills when she sings. I can't wait til she wins because she will be on the ue show. In case you missed the performance last nite "Micheal Jackson" theme, Here is her performance:

The lil black boy he is pretty good too, and the white boy is cute too, but Melanie she got this, If she doesn't win they soooo cheated!!!!

Micheal Jackson Kids were there with their grandmother and uncles too for the Micheal Jackson tribute show
Do you think if Micheal was alive, the kids will be shown like this, they do look like their daddy tho, especially Prince Mike and that Blanket or his name is Prince Micheal Jr right?, the thing is the baby he looks like he has a different mama

Melvin Childs said he is to credit to where Tyler Perry is today:

Really dude, Really I mean Tyler Perry is where he is because of GOD, you didn't have to sell drugs son, and matter of fact, he did shout you out on stage. Now dude has a book, Tyler Perry Never Would have Made It, coming out Feb 2012. I guess it should be worth reading at barnes and nobles

So I guess he is the "Friend" Tyler credits that changed his life here:

Bow Wow says he's good! He is straight! Check out the latest viral music video.

He goes in and put folks on blast to, don't worry about him he got paper, but he does delay the long awaited new project via YMCMB recorrd label.

Cyhi the Prince- Chance to Explain [Official Video] - Holding it down for the Atliens digg!!!