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Thursday, December 8, 2011


New Year's Eve [The Movie] is in theaters this Friday Dec 9th, 2011 with Ludacris, Halle Berry, and others  its the sequal to the movie Valentines Day.

It seems like a cute movie. I will be going to see it! I don't think I'm going to see it this Friday, DEC 9th, it's in theaters but I'm most definitely will see it either before or on New Year's Eve.

Vivica A Fox talks about what happen with the engagement, says she is enjoying being single, focusing on her career, and doing her right now:

She said this time she is going to try "Something New" because she seems to always be falling for a 6pack and a smile and doesn't never quite work out. Do you think she might go Halle's route, go outside the country to find her groove for a minute?

I'm telling you, The dolphins are winning because Reggie is got that Kim K with benefits back in his life! Since Kim and Kris broke up, and ever Miami Dolphins game after they have won and they almost won the Thanksgiving game, but of course Dallas was not going to have that.

So TJ Holmes is leaving weekends on CNN for his own show on BET

I thought CNN check would be bigger, but I guess your own show is better. So he was married then divorced (samore gets happy) dated Chilli (they just dated, samore says), then broke up and he is now married (damnnn) to an attorney in Atlanta Ga, damnnnn that's a lucky woman right there. He is a fine ass man right there, thats how and what I want for one's future husband baby daddy, man in my life to look like this...He got some pretty sexy eyes and so articulate with it, that's the kind of man that would be my match, I'm just saying.

People.com catches up with Robin Thicke while he is promoting his new music project "Love After War", and he talks about his son Julian and wife really has made him be a less selfish person and better performer, check out the FULL STORY VIA EURWEB.COM BY CLICKING HERE

Robin and Paula with baby Julian

Robin says Julian is already singing and dancing. I guess he's going to be like his daddy lol.

Basketball Wives (the original) new season debuts in February, and one of the new chicks on the show is Kenya Ball, so she was on a radio station, let us know they are still filming the season, but debuts her "single" what you think?

DMX is really a changed man, he is really helping out his fans, one fan asked him to finish his work on the job, he did that, and another fan asked him to play wheelchair b-ball with the disabled vets in San Antonio...he did it!