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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Urban Update: Tyler Perry Secret to Success, Just Really We Need To Do Better Part 2, and More

Tyler Perry shares the number one thing to get him to where he is today:

I'm starting to just feel sorry for Rihanna these days, I'm starting to think she's doing it all for attention....Tattoos "Thug Life" Now Really???

Then 50 Cent go gets Floyd Mayweather 13 year old son tatted up

Mayweather tweeted “What the hell is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.”

50 hasn't responded yet but damn really, How do u take someone else son to the tattoo shop at 2:30am in the morning on a school night to get some sleeves...Really 50, would you let your son do this? Just Ratchett, we need to do hella better....

More on 50, this is the kind of stuff that get you robbed, boosting and taking pictures of your cash like this...grant you are happy that you won $500k large on the giants but damn did u really have to tweet pic with it...

Now you hear he get robbed don't act suprise, but then again who is going to rob 50 cent?

Ciara looking a little like Micheal Jackosn, What do you think?

Mama E, talks about her P.O.V. on the reality show:
Evelyn 'Mommy' Braxton has no regrets over agreeing to reality show by CherieNic