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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Urban Update: Oprah Exclusive Preview, Urban Artist Spotlight, and Urban Headlines 2 Cents

Oprah gets all the exclusive, the exclusive first interview with Whitney Houston's brother, sister, and daughter Bobby Kristina...

Check out a sneak preview here, and exclusive interview will air on OWN's Oprah Next Chapter Sunday, March 11 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific (8pm Central):

Urban Spotlight: Brandon Hines (So So Def Records Artist) this boy can really sing...check out his how to love cover...the boy can sang, yes I said SANG, not sing

Here is his 2012 single..."Yes You Are"

more at brandonhinesmusic.com

Urban Headlines 2 Cents:

The Game spitting on people in the club, and it's a female he spit on...

Whitney Houston murdered really, relatives trying to say Whitney was murdered...but the cornor has no comment until the full toxicology report is back...Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson was a couple back in the day? Really?

Then, while Jermanie was married Hazel Gordy, Jackson and Houston were seeing each other and supposedly the song "Saving All My Love For You" is suppose to be about the affair, a source claims.

Is this some racist ish or what? Sleeping Beauty is on the vanille side of the candy and Princess Tiana is on the watermelon side, is this setting us back in time?

Young Buck and Nippsy Hustle shot at, one unharmed the other got hit READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Have you told someone forget you, I'm going to do me, and you moved on? Put that person on blast. Is there someone in the urban entertainment news, media, music, film, tv that should get a F Dat Negro Award..and the person don't have to be an African American person....it can be anybody of any race or ethnicity...send your nominations for   F Dat Negro Award  to theueshow@gmail.com.