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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Urban Update: How they brought 2pac Back, SATV RHOA Review, Epic Fail from Mcknight, and More

How 2pac being dead was able to perform at Coachella this year, the video explains it all. 

Now they are saying that they can do this of living artist but how will you feel to pay 100 dollars to see a "holgram" image of someone like "Drake"?

  Check out the sista Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv Review of the Real Houswives of ATL,
gives it to u real over it plus being that she's in atlanta gives you a little extra insight on the truth

Check out Sweet Addictions Tv on youtube CLICK HERE

    Epic Fail of the Week: Brian Mcknight

Check this out, Cali R&B Group 2 Official "Fullfill Your Fantasy"    
Prime example of the talent, the "LOOK" is there, but the video could had better direction, it look like they were doing waaaay too much. You either do a music video where you are performing the song to the camera different scenes, or performance shots mixed in with acting scenes with you ACTING...I think they tried to do the acting and performance thing, but don't perform when you acting to the camera...you really aren't fulfilling any fantasy it's just looking like you are doing hella the most.  

 Learn more about 2Official CLICK HERE