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Monday, July 9, 2012

Urban Notice: Braxton Season 3, Black Folks We Need Do Better, and More

Season 3 - Braxton Family Values Tamar concentrating on having a baby, towanda say she would carry her baby, trina is getting her music thing poppin, Trina working on her hair shop...

check out a preview right here


 Check out this video:Black Folk Don’t Do on July 4th: dont Go Campin

 Black Folks We Got to Do Better: Parents just pimpin' out their 6 year old son [Broward County, Fl] 

 Mary Mary's Tina say i teach my kids to protect themselves, they better not come home saying they got beat up..video from Sister 2 Sister interview:

Lastly, Prayers for Usher and Temeka son declared Brain Dead, there has no brain activity detected since he was striked by a Jet Ski, while he was at Lake Lanair in Atlanta. Prayers is all we can send for him, because God the higher being is only can save this young man live. There is no report about him being off life support; I hope lil man is okay. Usher and Temeka have put their differences aside and there for their son.