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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Urban Update: Photos of the Week & Stacy Dash Singing???

James Brown Daughter....we got to do better, how do you get arrested for getting a stolen vehicle from an accident, and the people got hurt. The authorizes got the vehicle back, when they responded to a call on Tuesday morning at 1am over a altercation, Brown was having with another woman...

But DAMN, look at the picture of Venisha Brown, she do look like she "be bout that life"

Here's another Photo of the Week, OJ Simpson in jail. He looks very content in jail.
Look out for the movie that is coming out about his life. He's suppose to be doing really well in there according to his lawyer, coaching the softball team, lifting weights, etc. 

I can't stop it, Here's another Candid moment from the week. The shooter dude, who shot up the movie theater, he just look crazy, really Orange Hair???

Stacy Dash she get's fired off of tv shows, 46 years old, and now she wants to sing, Listen to the record where she sings 2 lines, sounding hella autotuned up, CLICK HERE, if you haven't heard it it.

Do you think Stacy Dash could turn to music now, pushing 50 soon?