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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Urban Update:100 Club Update Takeover (Stack$, Urban Mystic, Hollywood J, Gulash)

Urban Mystic puts his name on some things on the new music video, new album "Love Intervention" coming soon...

 Love and War "The Mixtape" Avaliable now 
 (Click on Cover to download)

Stacks - Don't kiss these hoes
This is definitely on some pimp shit, Stack$, is on; stay tuned to the animated music video for "Don't kiss these Hoes" for adults of course, lol.

Shout out to the 100 Club takeover on the urban experience stay tuned to the re air, they premiered some exclusive ish, they literally took over the show, it was def a True Swag Sobe Entertainment Hijack the airwaves take over, even the fourth member gulash was in the bldg. And yes ya girl still did not get any video....I got to work on that one....but

Shout out to the homies; Stacks, Urban Mystic, Hollywood J and Gulash look out for the new 100 club mixtape coming soon

As you an see they are the homies, and when the new mixtape come on; we'll try to get them back in the bldg, and try to get an exclusive video drop