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Friday, October 26, 2012

U.E. Update: New Word "Ignit" and some examples of "Ignit"

New word for RAtchett as hell it's #ignit!

Bandz make her dance official video
Thanks to Juicy J the word Ratchett has officially played out!!!! so if you wanna be up on one then the word of the day is #ignit

#ignit is what Donald Trump really you nothing else to do to try to mess with the president, can we see your college transcripts Mr. Trump. I bet you didn't even go.

What is he saying black smart people don't exist....Donald Trump is a ignit sum of a beeep...

Do you think Obama should stoop to his level and show his stuff and take the 5 million for a charity he likes, or should he just brush the hate off his shoulders and let Donald Trump people do they own research at the university Obama went too..

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Non - Ignit: is WEtv they are one of the networks that don't really promote too much of the ignit situations that some reality shows possess. For Example, winning sisters, Erica and Tina together known as Mary Mary, will be back on WeTV for Season 2 of their show, Dec 16th at 9pm est

Here's a sneak peak of the new season:

Real Housewives of ATL debuts next Sunday, and being that we don't use the word "ratchett" anymore, some "ignit" situations will be going down this season, I hear new cast memeber, Kenya Moore is feeling Phardra's man Apollo...and of course thats not going to go to well with Phardra, Sunday NOv 4th it premieres; here's the season trailer:

Looks like there will be some good times and some ignit times ahead for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: A Whole New Atlanta....