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Thursday, November 29, 2012

U.E. Update: How u start a fight & Get Messed up, First Daughters Got Style, RWOTL, Snoop Lion Xmas, and More

First how you start the fight with your daughter watching her mama boyfriend slam you in the pavement, damn you looked like a punk ass dad
I bet if Nahla get in a fight at school, she definitely is not calling daddy to fight her battle, lol, I'm just sayin!!!!

Malia and Sasha aint the lil girls we saw back in 2008, Malia is starting to be looked upon as a fashion role model to her peers. You go girl, can I say #winningcircle

TJ Holmes talks about BET cutting his show from 4 nights a week for 30 minutes, to 1 night a week for 1 hour, and the use of the "N Word"....

Nicki Minaj keeps it real on the breakfast club, calls Envy out now playing the records on the album, talks about the album, talks about executive producing if u missed it....check it out

 Krissy is okay, but here car as you can see isn't, but like i said she has 20 mill, totally her chevy camero is really nuthin, she prob has a new car already

Is this a new show coming RWOTL (Reel Woman of the Lou), the Reel Women of St Louis, check out the trailer:


 Snoop Lion selling Addias with "A Snoop Christmas Carol" with the help of Rita Ora, Derek Rose, David Beckehem, check out the promo video:

Beyonce is opening up on her instagram; over the Thanksgiving break she posted some personal pictures, one is of her and baby blue, 11 months now:
I wonder would we see more of Blue in Beyonce's directorial autobiographical documentary on HBO, untitled coming out Feb 16th, 2013....I guess we will have to wait and see