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Thursday, December 13, 2012

U.E. Update: The SExinG Chickens, Father & Son Working again, Beyonce, and More

Father and Son working on screen again, After Earth, coming summer 2013 

Sacramento, Calif anchor says to keep her alert during the breaks to do the news she gets her Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance on...get it girl, i just say you gotta make it work  

 Shout out to Beyonce $50 Million dollar Pespi Endorsement deal, get use to saying her face on the side of Pepsi
And ya'll say beyonce not on that MJ level....if she ain't there she getting pretty damn close to Michael Jackson status. 

Candy be having the scoop but she dont be the one to spill the tea unless it sometimes comes out on purpose....but did you know people having sex with chickens, so if you hit chicken u might wanna make sure it's not from central america...  

Rick Ross talk about the cancelled show and the Jeezy thing at the BET Hip Hop Awards: