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Monday, December 3, 2012

U.E. Update: U.E. Spotlight "Owl Off" New Show

Check out new debate show "Owl Off" they talking about issues that stir up debate, the first episode they talked about how hip hop influence on the youth, mention of Lupe Fiasco's Bad Bitch, and more

Episode 1 - Part One

Part Two - Used on the N Word, and Bitch Word, has Hip Hop made the use of the word endearing....

Part Three -

Part 4- Woman protrayed in Hip Hop music videos

Part 5- The Wrap Up

I just wanted to say shout out to that featured DJ - DJ Samore.  The one that got me was the Part 4, Christian said that women don't choose to be held to the stigma of being a ho, just because she's a video model, uh Christian if I was in that same room, I would have used, Tamar Braxton words on him "Get yo Life". There are those girls that keep it professional, and the one's that get caught up and do "ho like things" after the check is cut, make it look bad on the professional video models and have people thinking like Christian. At the end of the day, #imjustsayin....

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