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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

U.E. Update: Live at the Presidential Inauguration 2013

Live at the Presidential Inauguration DJ Samore was just that. It was a very in the moment experience. It's a indescribable feeling being part of history like that, the first black president inaugurated for a 2nd term. We don't know if that would ever happen again.

 Obama is on Fire!!!!

DJ Samore, got on the bus left West Palm Beach, Fl chartered by the MLK Committe in Palm Beach County, FL. They left Sunday Morning at 7am, and arrived in D.C. at 7:30am, Monday Morning.

Samore got off the bus, she got the time she needed to be back on the bus, so she didn't get left and then she was off to see the inauguration on the National Mall. She was looking for shuttles, but there were no signs, so she decided to walk. She ended up walking 3 miles, around the whole city of D.C.. She passed Lincoln Park, according to DJ Samore "there are hella churches in D.C.". The buildings looked very old from the outside, but DJ Samore could imagine how beautiful they looked inside.

After the 2 hour walk, 9:30am, she reached the national mall, she immediately begun to look for Tom Joynor, she saw CNN was broadcasting live, and got a little camera time. Then she tried to see if she'll be able to see the MLK Monument, but it was too far from where she was so she decided to get a spot as close as she can get to watch the inauguration on the National Mall. From Samore eyes it was a great experience, with her phone slowly was dying she manage to get some pictures in dc, and took some video too.

President Obama and Vice President Biden take their oaths again for a 2nd term.

President Obama takes oath for the 2nd term:

Vice President Joe Biden takes oath for the 2nd term:

Other than Beyonce singing the National Anthem; Obama inauguration speech was a highlight for Samore, also the story about the finishing the top of the capital. The video with Beyonce would not upload online, but it is on facebook, CLICK HERE TO VIDEO, but Beyonce SUNG THAT, no way did she fake that performance.

Obama Inauguration Speech:

The wrap up, the performance everyone around Samore was waiting on, Beyonce singing the national anthem, even when James Taylor and his guitar, the depressing ass poet, the reverend with the prayer, the finale was Beyonce singing the Star Spangled Banner, in the words of DJ Samore "She Did That" refering to Beyonce vocal performance DJ Samore said that.

The exiting of the Mall was madness. first everyone was trying to get off the mall, and the people had these barricades in the middle of the street, and said they can't move them, meanwhile they weren't blocking them from anything, so they made people walk all the way down the street and turn around, DJ Samore said she was not doing that, looking at the time, she wanted to find her way to the parade route, but she didn't wanna get left, and her feet, legs were hurting, it's 2:30 now, she's getting scared she's not going to make it back, because it's no way she could walked 3 miles back to the bus. So she waited in line, for the shuttle which was wrapped around the building, and other people in line, is like why is the subway shut down, why is the metro bus not working, but you got all these people need to get back to the bus....So hours later the police come and try to get the people on the buses, and the line is moving. All and all, DJ Samore made it back to to bus, she would had taken pictures, but her phone died!

Check out the pictures she took in the below:
yagirlsamore08's Presidential Inauguration 2013 album on Photobucket