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Sunday, February 17, 2013

U.E. Update: @beyonce let us in , @bnwmusic Hypnosis , @4jonnhart interview

Beyonce shares with us in her HBO Documentry "live is but a dream"

Blue Ivy is such a cutie, and for those who thought Beyonce did not have labor, you all can go to hell!!!! Glad for her happiness with her daughter, and her husband. One hope to attain that level of happiness and still continue to do what I love to do for a level. This movie has but Bey in a whole new light for me. Public, Media can't tell me sway my thoughts about Beyonce, they couldn't before, but they really can't now!!! Beyonce is truly winning.

Black N White "Hyponosis" Mixtape for the EDM/Trapmuzik folks, turn up with this one

Interview wit Jonn Hart:
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