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Friday, February 22, 2013

U.E. Update: @kandi stay prayed up , prince michael got a job, new black barbie, harlem upset with the shake

Kandi "prayed up" gospel collaboration with Marvin Sapp

Kandi is def winning, shout out to her!!! No limits to ms burrus soon to be mrs tucker, and she said she still going to get her a pre nup. Has nothing to do with love, just a safety protection.

Another winner, Prince Michael, Michael Jackson's older son, future producer, screenwriter, director, actor, new gig as a corespondent for Entertainment Tonight:

I'm pretty sure Tyler Perry will be hollering at lil Prince Michael on some opportunities

Is there something wrong with the new Black Barbie doll????

She got her breast all out, looking mean, sooooooo many stereotypes are said with this new doll from martel

Harlem is not feeling this new Harlem Shake, check out their response to the latest viral craze: