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Sunday, March 3, 2013

U.E. Update: @2klife Webisode 2 Close Friends , Micheal Jordan Son??, Artist Spotlight @itsravaughn

Close Friends - web series "Morning After" - all i know it's getting good
If you missed the first Episode then Click Here 
Shout out to the 2K Life Entertianment team and the cast of Close Friends

Michael Jordan gets hit with a Paternity suit on his 50th birthday, but it's not that the woman wants to do it, it's the 16 year old wants him to be more public about him, check out this video he put out about the fact:
He do kinda of look like MIchael Jordan tho...what do you think???

Trinidad James- All gold everything REmix Official Video

the song is officially played out well to me that is, and now we on to the next one Females Wanted...and they said Trinidad just had one song smh, obviously we were wrong,hey he got 2 mill from Def Jam he gon have more than one songs....

Trinidad James- Females Wanted

That's not the artist spotlight the spotlight is getting shun onto Neyo's Compound Music Artist "Ravaughn"

Ravaugn- Better Be Good ft Wale
I see a new diva on the rise!!! Reminds me of Keyshia Cole when she first came out!!! I see you Ne-yo getting your A&R on, hey you hiring big dawg??? #imjustsayin , but for real tho