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Thursday, July 18, 2013

U.E. Update: Being Black In America Is Real!!! Even When You Think It's Not

This post has been in my head every since I learned a man can get away with murdering someone, a kid, without mentioning the race profile factor that is just what it is. Then after he is so called found not guilty they find a old myspace account of him and he have racist comments on there. Yes, I'm talking about the Trayvon Martin and this George Zimmerman case. I just don't know how does a man, who is not a cop, who is acting like a cop, is told by the "officials" that they were sending a real cop, certified out, and they don't need him to follow this young man, gets off free for killing this boy that was simply walking home from the store.

In my opinion, after listening to everything I feel the case was rigged. George "Punk Ass" Zimmerman dad was a former judge, and learning from his pass violent nature, and getting off on past situations, his dad pulled in favors to have things go the way they. The question still remains why did you get out your car, with your gun loaded and bullet ready to be fired, if you weren't going to start anything with this boy, why are you riding around with your gun, get out the car with your loaded gun. Trayvon had the write to ask him why are you following me, because George Punk Ass was not a cop, with a badge, Trayvon had a right to be there, being that he was staying with his father. Let me ask you this how suspicious is a boy with some fitted jeans on, a hoodie on his head because it's raining, talking on the phone suspicious . I just wanna know. He didn't ask him what he was doing, he followed this boy to see if he was going to do something wrong, i think that's called "profiling". If I'm being followed by a stranger, then damn right I am going to feel threaten and feel like I'm going to have to defend myself. Especially if I'm not in a neighborhood that I'm familar with. The defense had the witnesses, the jury, all on their sides. The prosecution couldn't do anything. Punk ass Zimmerman didn't get on the stand because he know he killed that boy. Trying to blow up and look like a pilsbury doughboy, when this man practice MMA fighting trained with a trainer, and the fact that he was 200 and something pounds and Trayvon was only 150 or 160 something pounds, how do u feel that threaten for your life to pull your gun out punk ass bitch!!!! Sorry for the cussing. A point after the jury said that Zimmerman was not guilty, I heard a commentator mention that it was dark outside, how would Trayvon Martin know this punk ass had a gun when his holster was closer to his back, and Trayvon suppose to had been hovering over Zimmerman punk ass. How could he reach down and get it, if it was that dark.

Honestly, this is how I think it went down, Trayvon was walking back, took the back way and tried to remember where his dad house look like. In the process, Zimmerman sees this young teen "thug" because he has a hoodie on, he's strange to the neighborhood, calls the non emergency line say he see someone, instead of wait on the police to come, he wants to try to be a super hero and follows this boy, Trayvon talking to his homegirl, says he's being followed. Then when he see this dude, they have some words, and get into an altercation.....that lead to someone getting shot dead.

I just dont get how someone being head pound into the pavement , and then would be able to reach for a gun, because he had to reach for it because none of Trayvon DNA wasn't on the gun.

At the end of the day, it's Rodney King all over again, being black in america. People that aren't around, grown up, live around a certain group of people, don't know how they are, how they act, they only know from what they see on tv and movies and read about. That lead them to stereotyping people and only imaging that ALL people act the same way. This is not fair. The jury seem to be like this especially that B26 jury lady the comments she made. So if the jury don't have no black friends, or no any black people or anybody from another race, there you go they are going to be bias, and see the situation in Zimmerman punk ass view, which is a racist prejudice state. Which makes the level playing feel uneven, unbalance to begin with.

Lastly, how does you use self defense, when a man goes messing with someone, and end up killing the person who they approach. The gonna pull out a gun cuz they punk ass was losing a fight, and hate to bring up the fact that one was black and one was white hispanic, since the law is based on precedents, if u look at the history our country, if the situation was flipped, the black dude would not have walked so easily. When O.J. first had those people killed, he was arrested and jailed they didn't let him out like they did Zimmerman and both of them did the same crime. Look at Rodney King situation. The law is not on the side of being Black in America. It is important that when injustice like this happen we must fight and stand up and make it difference. Since they were on the side of punk ass Zimmerman right to defend his self in this trail and neglected the rights of Trayvon, this is why it's in the hands of the Federal goverment, and the Feds will look at all the evidence much closer and some type of justice will be done.  They say Zimmerman is in hiding and will be for a long time, and he should cuz let him be out on the street it's not safe, he's as safe as a black boy walking home in the rain with a hoodie on, in a neighborhood where most people don't look like him there.

And this is all I'm going to say, any marches, rallies, petitions believe me I will play my part exercise my 5th amendment rights, because Trayvon Martin could been me, or a relative of mine.  Now I'm afraid to wear a hoodie walking in the rain in the dark. Trayvon right to defending his self were violated and he was killed senseless....and this punk ass Zimmerman still gets to own a guy, be free (hide) but free, it's just not fair. But believe me just like O.J. , it's going to come back on Zimmerman big time, and he not gonna even know it!!!

I'm done with talking about it, and all about playing my part to help and hope these laws will change, and situations like this wont happen again.