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Thursday, July 11, 2013

U.E. Update: @official_flo w/ @1future Tell Me You Ready Official Video, new music from willow smith, @kmichelle V.S.O.P. w/ the HOld Over

Flo Rida - Tell Me When You Ready feat Future (official video)

New music from Willow Smith Melodic Chaotic Ep, its a lot different form whipping her hair back and forth; Summer Fling, check out her big brother Jadan cameo too.

I don't remember posting about this one, Loving K.Michelle's new single V.S.O.P. (Official Video):

Trying really hard to get her on the show asap, her new album comes out next month in August, but until then she released the hold over, an ep to hold us over to the new album drops!