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Sunday, October 27, 2013

U.E. Update: @2klife is back Season 2 of @closefriendsws , @sevyn looking for Streeter Ambassadors , Like UE on Facebook!

2k life Ent is back with the Season 2 of "Close Friends" 

and already with boy twists and turns already, 2 episodes in...#catchup

Sevyn Streeter EP "Call Me Crazy, but" is coming out Next Month, November 5th, and she's looking for some Street Team Leaders...Watch the message straight from Sevyn!

Sevyn is looking for Sevyn Streeter ambassadors in your communities and universities. Think you've got what it takes? Well, send a video of the top 7 reasons why you'd be the ultimate Sevyn Streeter Street Team Leader in your community or campus. Leaders will get exclusive news and updates straight from Sevyn. Send your video, along with your name, location or college, and age to sevynstreetteam@gmail.com.

TWEET Sevyn to come back on the urban experience: @sevyn we need you back on @yodj_sourban radio show for an update!!! #powerinnumbers 

Check out our first interview with Sevyn on the RADIO INTERVIEW page!

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