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Thursday, April 30, 2015

U.E. Update #artistspotlight @Sevyn *4th Street* #officialvideo , the 1st African American U.S. Attorney General

You know I was going to post this one, Sevyn Streeter, release the latest record that's going to be on her album "On the Verge" releasing this summer, the one the most personal to her. It's a real song and you can feel the realness from the beat to the lyrics. It's about her hometown, shot in her hometown, it's real and authentic, and the dope visual!

Shout out to you Sevyn nice record, and we can't wait until the album drop... Check out our Sevyn Streeter interview on the Radio Interview page.

Sevyn Streeter - 4th Street - Official Video

Shout out to history in the making ... the 83rd U.S. Attorney General was sworn in this week, and she's the 1st African American Female to hold the position... Good History, Positive things are still in the making, The President cosign her, and she says this time the Good guys won this time.

Shout out to Loretta Lynch, so hopefully things can really begin to change and things like what is going on in Baltimore with the Freddie Gray situation some resolution will happen for the future and history do not have to repeat itself.