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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

U.E. Update: @jigg305 New Musick #highgrade3 @trillionismoney is Digital Now and Phats Traxx #ueinterview

Artist Spotlight- JiDoubleG (Jigg)

Everyone has been asking Jigg about High Grade 3, what is it sounding like? Even DJ Samore only could be like this is going to be my best work ever from Jigg quoted from the Urban Experience Radio Show, He dropped "Let's Fly" then he hit us with "Stairs" straight from the Highly Anticipated High Grade 3. If you thought "So Hot" was that track, "Stairs" is the official set up for us wanting this High Grade 3 project...coming this year 2015 for sure and that's quoted by Jigg himself! 

 Check out "Stairs" - Jigg #highgrade3  

Producer- Artist Spotlight : Phats Traxx 

 Next Producer to be on the Move Phats Traxx ; talks about current projects DJ Samore's EP, El-Ra (singing alter ego), and more .... here is footage from his visit to the Urban Experience.

 Trillion been hitting the streets with TrillionIsMoney Cds and the internet with hella visuals with his brother Nino Staxx via Solid Brick Films ..The project is finally on Itunes...

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