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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

U.E. Update: Drake Gotttt'em , with all eyes on Meek Now , and No Sleep with Janet and J cole (official video)

Janet Jackson No Sleep feat J. Cole

 I love the song, but when J. Cole came on I can't be the only one that was like why he look like The Weeknd lil bro...I don't know. It's a dope song tho, went straight too the top of the radio charts soon as it was release. Everyone is happy for Janet's Return... lookin' like sounding like not a beat missed ... still looking 30 something years old...when she bout a decade or two older than that. Black don't crack people.

 All Eyes on Me (official video)

The beef between Meek and Drake is all entertainment because at the end of the day they still getting checks tho! But did you hear that last response from Drake ... I don't really like Drake but damn he went in just a little bit and so what Meek on tour with his bae Nicki, they getting money together working together... And some say why should couldn't put Safari on like she did Meek well hell maybe she didn't want to.. Meek probably put it down way better... Idk check out Drake's Back to Back ...