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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#Interview @99Jamz UNCENSORED : @50Cent

99 Jamz Uncensored @ revolution live ft. 50 Cent brought to you by 1.800.THE.BOSS

The hip hop mogul, actor, and producer 50 Cent sat down with DJ Nailz and DJ Nasty to talk about Power, his relationship status, Donald Trump and more! 

The interview started with 50 talking about Power and how the concept of the show and his character came about, and whats in store for season 3. He then goes on to say that he makes comparisons between Empire and Power and says there are none.

"It's like an R rated film versus a PG 13 joint that is moving so fast that if you miss an episode, you don't even know what's going on the next week. Its a whole other thing."

Good news for all the fans of the show, season 3 has already been shot and is ready to go.

DJ Nailz and DJ Nasty went ahead and asked the "P.I.M.P." rapper about his current relationship status. Yes, he is single and is currently "running [his] life." Looking back at his relationship history, he has been with Chelsea Handler, Ciara, and Vivica Fox. They obviously all shared a characteristic that he looks for in a woman which is quite simple; "You gotta be a freak baby," he says jokingly.

It's pretty obvious that Fif doesn't have a preference when it comes to women. In the interview, it came off as if he didn't have a preference for the presidential candidates. A few weeks back, 50 posted a picture on Instagram of him and Donald Trump (which he then deleted). It made people assume that he endorses him. When asked if he does, Fif blatantly said no. However, he did say "It's a breath of fresh air to have someone involved that isn't an actual politician because the general public has seen politicians be politically correct or just lie to you. So it feels like its something different coming." He continues with "I never thought Donald Trump could be the president of America. But now I think [he] can be." 

Fif also had a few words to say about Diddy, but they weren't as positive. We all know that the G-Unit boss is the type to never pass up an opportunity to promote his vodka EFFEN. It also gives him a chance to take a jab at Ciroc, which is owned by Diddy.

He put Diddy's vodka on blast by saying "Did you know Ciroc was wine? It's made from grapes it's wine!" He continues, "that's why the s*** tastes like you're drinking syrup!"

50 had a lot to say that night with no intentions on holding anything back. Check out the full interview below!

Watch the full interview!