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Thursday, May 26, 2016

#News Loni Love Shuts Down Rumors about Tamar's Firing from The Real

A lot has transpired over the past few days surrounding Tamar's firing from The Real. Loni Love took to Facebook to dismiss the rumors . In the video she reveals that Tamar was a part of the promo shoot for season 3 of the show. So Loni nor the other co-host knew that Tamar was getting fired.

Tamar texted all the co-hosts last Friday saying she heard she was getting fired. They all responded expressing their concern but she didn't respond to their messages or calls. The Producers then called each of the co-hosts and told them she was being fired. This is contradicting because "The Real" released a statement saying that it was a mutual decision.

Loni ends the video by saying she will be off the grid as well. Only until they figure everything out.  

Watch the full video below!