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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

urban update....the urban youtube sweet n greet & young scraps text me video

I had to do a quick post about this one!!! As you may figured a sista did not again make it to the sweet n greet in atlanta, and after watching the video i kinda missed out on all the hilarious moments, from cuzin patches honey bun rap, miss jia putting africano boi on blast with his chick a fila cup on sunday lol.....man i hope they have one next year.

The Sweet n Greet hosted by Candy Sweet Addictions Tv and the big announcement:

I still told Candy that yes indeed i knew she was pregnant...but we be tres happy tho for her, she got ur baby boy!!!!! so for 5 months Candy been making moves pregnant and all can i say grinder of the year....make sure you follow Candy on the twitter; @sweetaddictions (no tv at the end it was too long for all that) ;

More from the Sweet n Greet via The Skoripon Show:

check out the skoripon show they are tres funny as well

Some of you may ask so what's going on with just ask yo question, will Candy will still be giving advice should i keep sending in questions and advice, sure why not, but i'm not sure not after this month, well see let me check with the big sista and see what it is???? 

jus ask yo question --->>> send letters to askyoquestion@gmail.com

On another note check out the official text me video from Young Scrap ft VIC, troop 41, jru gunz

Young Scrap  Official video text me

with that being said....make sure u follow me on twitter, and look out for the new mixtape coming this week!!!

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