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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urban Entertainment Radio Show Segments

If you weren't inform by now then now u should know we have two really good segments on the radio show, hosted by ya girl samore, urban music 101 with aj from universal music group/alander music group/ alander talent music management giving you real live points on what you should know about the entertainment music business and newly feedback 101, you never know what industry guest he will have on the line. Also, just like other radio shows, here is where you can send in your troubles, need for advice and the big sista Candy will respond and give you some real talk advice.....well jus ask yo question, your letters are totally confidential well unless you are like u can put them on blast in the letter, the segment is also live and re broadcast on the other stations the show is on.

URBAN MUSIC 101: AJ from Universal Music Group, and three of his own companies  

submit your song must be clean for review on the radio to urbanmusic101(at)gmail.com

do you have a question or topic you want some advice on related to the music industry, artist, songwriters, producers, etc email to urbanmusic101(at)gmail.com

Just Ask Yo Question with Candy from Sweet Addictions TV, www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Past Questions sent in and answered:

aug 26th http://www.supashare.net/e4c17ykwu7m9

aug 5th http://www.supashare.net/g6tko4nr08ys

jul 27th http://www.supashare.net/wtcxqo9rqrtq

jul 22th http://www.supashare.net/35gd7cqyjbbo

send in your questions to askyoquestion(at)gmail.com

Now for those who have more serious questions and need more tough love then others, or too 100 for radio ima need you to subscribe and check out Sweet Solutions on www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Check out Sweet Solutions here:

follow candy on twitter @sweetaddictions and aj on twitter @aj_umg_mrktng oh yea and ya girl - samore @yagirl_sourban