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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Urban Ent Update: The New Tyler Perry Film, MJ Video Game, Word on the Street about relationships, and more

Check out the new tyler perry film the 1st film from his new company 34th street films or something like that, comes out in theaters, November 5th. When i say there is some African American Female star powerful  players in this movie....after watching the trailer i can't wait to see!!!!!

New Tyler Perry Film....for colored girls

Kelly rowland needs to just keep it urban i know she trying to do like her big sista bey...but its not being done rite #imjustsayin , if she stick to the urbaness she would be a-okay. not everybody can be superstar pop star diva like....no shade just keepin it 100.

here's the new song forever in a day

now grown woman that's my joint right there....urban and real...kelly i likes dis one!!!

Sweet Addictions TV word on the street: are there still committed relationships:
Candy was downtown Atlanta, Ga and go da word from the young the older and the in between on if committed relationships were still in should we keep hope alive or it's pretty much the norm to know ur significant other gonna cheat....

so i guess there is hope out there for those wanting to be in a committed relationships and its up to the woman to put their foot down and really be like i'm not having it with this cheating being acceptable.... so make sure you subscribe to www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv and follow ya girl on twitter @sweetaddictions .

Don't forget you can still send your questions in for "just ask yo question" on thursdays with candy from sweet addictions on urban ent radio show to "askyoquestion@gmail.com"

Micheal Jackson "The Experience" Video Game Trailer- on sale Nov 23

I have photos to post like keyshia cole and her baby boy, so cute, and 50 cent photo all photo shop making him look good, and others...but uh yeah cant really post them rite now

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Until next time you know what to do!!!!