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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

urban ent update: you know that...., willow got swag..., mariah busted her ..., and more

What's goodie fam!!!

New segment! You Know That...., new top 10 list of you know that ....

the first topic was you know that ...you are so urban....

10. if you put chips in between your sandwich
9. if you are over 12 and still drink kool aid
8. if you are the loudest person in your click
7. if you have different colors of the rainbow in your hair
6. if you add "s"tto words that shouldn't have "s" at the end of them (peoples)
5. if you got a different baby mama/baby daddy for ALL of your children so urban
4. if you and your mama go clubbin together
3. if you name your kids cars (Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Escalade)
2. if everybody is some kin to you
1. if you relate to ya girl dj samore


okay so i wud post all the madness with bishop eddie long...pimpin lil teen boys out ....but i'm not going to do that..cuz really u got enough of that!!!

I will post a video of Mariah Carey busting her a$$ on stage...wearing dem damn stilettos dats what u get....

But really i'm glad she okay tho...she kno she can't be doing all that while while she pregnant tho...#imjustsayin

It's official Boss Bitch Music Vol. 2 Release!!!!! 
another classic epic mixtape from ya girl ...Rasheeda!!!

Download NOW

Look out for Boss Chick Reloaded with ya girl DJ Samore n DJ Beanz hosted by the Boss Bitch herself Rasheeda #imjustsayin

Willow S.- whip it teaser video

im telling lil willow gon kill dem in 20-11 ya'll...#teamwillow #imjustsayin

ice cube she couldnt make it her own

Other Urban Entertainmentness News!!!

Carmello might be going to the Nets...Orlando thinking he's coming to them...but really in my opinion i say he needs to get on a winning team #teamlakers but u kno!!! Him and LaLa show is too cute on vh1....watch that sunday nights!!!

Oh yeah dat is not Rick Ross in the sex tape #thankgod .....not a good look we would like to see of rosay again #imjustsayin ..... 50 cent tryna start ish...just doing a track with anybody...i guess he tryna get his name out there again...he even talks with touring with ye...if ya ask me 50 ya getting old bruh...and #thatisall

Lastly, 106 and park 10 years damn they let that show last that long...shoooot if they ask me either revamp the host again or cancel dat ish..cuz uh yea its just not like it was when it first came out....but if trl got phased out so will 106 and park..no hating on my part, but it's just how it goes!!!! But congrats on the show 10 years, for urban programming, that's what's up!!!

A lot of questions about urban music 101 - well i don't know what's going on with Mr. Pulliam but we shall see what's goodie!!! still send your music to urbanmusic101@gmail.com for feedback review. After this week, we will know the future of the segment, ya digg!!!

Jus ask yo question with Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv- another area getting a lot of your questions all questions go to askyoquestion@gmail.com and will be chosen and asked LIVE on THURSDAY and re broadcasted on the other stations urban ent radio is on, make sure you subscribe to www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv and follow Candy on twitter @sweetaddictions too.

Alot of you sent in comments and questions about the last post with the video on committed relationships, everybody Candy (Sweet Addictions TV) is in ATL, so everybody on the word on the street are in Atlanta okay!!! So that's word on the street in ATL. wanna hit Candy up about it -->> send a note, tweet okay!!!

Jus ask yo question...shall get spiced up soon tho...#keepitlocked !!!!

until next time...keep urban keep it locked to urban ent radio....and follow ya girl on twitter @yagirl_sourban almost at 2,000 folk lets do it by the 1st, legggo