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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urban Update: The 2011 BET aka Bullshit Entertainment Awards

I'm like my sister Candy, I fight for BET every year say it's going to be better like the last, and what do they do, mess it up. First of all this year BET AWARDS was hella low budget, I don't know if you could tell, but this show was definitely done on a budget, that def wasn't that great. The show being on a Sunday was a sign...and it's host.

The Host- First of all I knew not to expect much from Kevin Hart, some say he could been funnier, but being funny and a great host are too different things as you evidently seen Sunday Night.

2nd- the dress code...are't the bet awards suppose to be like black star power, black version of the grammys? All the dudes coming on stage whit their pants half way down, showing off their sean jean, hanes, underwear the hell?? This is an award show people....

3rd- Speaking of an Award show - how can you not present the most important awards of a show, Best R&B Female and Best Video...and come to find out guest who won...hooka ass Rihanna Best Female R&B...over Keri Hilson and Jennifer Hudson..that's some of that Bull Shit right there...The B, in BET stands for BULLShit...and best hip hop male artist another bull shit ass award Kanye over Rick Ross...the hell..

4th- Rick Ross and his "big sexy" no i'm need him to know BET AWARDS no awards, no tv show, he is to take off his shirt like that hell naw, that's just not Sexy

5th- the messy ass shit with the viewers choice award, and stephan hill wanna blame the ish on thhe "misinformation" of one of the producers, now tell me what got of bitchassness shit that is, he is over the production why don't he just man up say, it was me i messed up, he said that but didn't say it, he planes it on one of the show producers....bitchassness or was that him just tryna keep his job

and Terrance big mouth ass needed to shut the hell up talking about drake is the winner just confused everybody with the whole damn show...at least rosci was quite..this is y one don't like his cocky big mouth ass...

6th - My favorite part was Kelly Rowland Performance, pimpin them sexy ass dancers on that stage like damn when i grown up i wanna be like her...

7th- oh yeah Trey and that damn "note" that went wrong again, he had to strip to take the attention off of it, me i believe Trey looked like he was working out but if you watch the big sista review below, u got to hear what she say about Trey, Lloyd, and Chris Brown and their chest .....but back on Trey again how does he go from a singer to a rapper in 10 secs??? I'm Just Sayin

oh yeah the pre show- that is just what it was the pre shit before the actual bull shit entertainment awards was about to go down, then the after show really, that was the after shit of the bull shit that went down...bet need to get it together like for reals

the bet awards production show has not been the same since Reginald Hudlin left and Stephan Hill been in charge, they either going over budget or don't know what the hell what they are doing...

Check out the big sister Candy from Sweet Addictions TV BET AWARDS 2011 Review:

She definitely went in on the bet awards, and she wasn't wrong either...if you seen the show watch the review, you be like damn candy you is hella right..i aint got lie tho when she get to Alicia Keys with her "swiss din knocked me off up in the back" wrong, but damnnn she was hella right tho lmao

check her out at www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Be sure to tune in to the Urban Ent Radio Post BET Awards show THIS THURSDAY , for the top 11 moments , since this is suppose to be the 11th annual, the 11th year, the top 11 moments of this year's "show"....if you want to make a sugguest email "theueshow@gmail.com"

and that's the urban update on the B.E.T. 2011 Awards 11 annual

The official winners:
Best Male R&B Artist- Chris Brown
Young Star Awards- Willow & Jadan Smith
Best Female Hip Hop- Nicki Minaj
Best Male Hip Hop- Kanye West
Best Female R&B Artist- Rihanna
Best Actress- Taraji P Henson
Best Actor- Idris Elba
Best Gospel- Mary Mary
Best Movie- for Colored Girls
Best vid Director- Chris Robinson
Subway Sportsmen- Micheal Vick
Subway Sportswomen- Serena Williams
Best new artist- Wiz Khalifa
Humanitarian of the year- Steve Harvey
Lifetime Achievement Award- Patti Labelle
Video of the Year- Chris Brown look at me now
viewers choice- Chris Brown look at me now