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Thursday, July 14, 2011

urban update: Candy is Crankin' it back up, Players Ball 2011, A NEW Dance and MOre

Man can't wait til August, our big sista Candy is coming to the m.i.a. for her birthday weekend...said da m.i.a. sweeties is linkin up at wet willies...all i know she better be careful what drink ha get cuz u know Candy say she's not a drinker.....dem damn slushes will have ya leanin just a lil bit...

Sweet Addictions Tv shirts...crankin it up sista

be sure cha'll check out www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv and subscribe...and if you got a problem need some advice, just ask yo question .... jusask2011@gmail.com send it in, and Candy will answer it live on the radio show.

Rule: Do not be touching on people babies...especially black folk babies #imjustsayin

Players' Ball in Chi-town with Money Q Green (Florida Regional Director for the Famous Players)

Keep up with Money Q Green on facebook by clickin on "Moneyq Green" , stay tuned to the Playa Tip 101 from the chuuuch on da line, "urban ent radio show"


make sure you are on http://musictoblow.com daily no matter what other people say, musictoblow.com is surly on it first....i put that on everything. If it's not posted its def prob a twitter exclusive, follow them on twitter @musictoblow.

Lastly, what do ya'll think about this new dance..."The Kickin" - from our old "friends" T. Plezya, B Ware, and Swagger Splash....

Cupid has proved it, come up with a poppin dance, sweep the country first, end up on tv, and din it would blow the hell up..."KIckin" what do ya'll think? will ya'll be doing this at the next family reunion, is it taking over or what...email theueshow@gmail.com

At the end of the day...is all about gimmick, it's an easy dance tho, i can digg it.